Dietologu 9 triki pārtikas preču iegādei ar diabētu

Diabēta diagnoze = nepieciešams ēst veselīgi, stat. Tālāk ir norādīts, kā sākt iegādāties pārtikas produktus, kas satur veselīgu diabēta slimnieku.

Pirmsspēle jūsu iepirkšanās braucienā

Have a light snack, such as a string cheese and a small apple, before you leave for the grocery store. The fuel will help prevent excessive hunger pangs and keep your blood sugar steady, both of which can cut down on impulse buys. Don’t leave home without a shopping list (another tactic to avoid buying unhealthy fare you didn’t plan on purchasing). This will ensure that you have healthful foods on hand at home all week long